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A simple cloud based monitoring solution for BizTalk Server

Select the alarm from the dropdown and you will be able to see the monitoring graph, so nothing is overlooked.

Graphical tree view is colour coded so you can interpret the health status of the alarms in the blink of an eye.

Create more alarms, map multiple artifacts and remove mapping using Manage monitoring in just few clicks.

Graphical tree view is interactive so that you can Zoom in and Zoom out to view the status of artifacts.

A simple cloud based monitoring solution for BizTalk Server

Install the lightweight agent on one of your BizTalk Servers and monitor the entire group within a few seconds. No additional hardware/software required.

Monitor all the key BizTalk Artifacts

Receive Locations, Send Ports, Orchestrations and Host Instances are the heart of any BizTalk solution. If any one of them is down, then your BizTalk integration solution will be broken. BizTalk360 Cloud makes it super simple to monitor the health of these artifacts seamlessly.


Group related artifacts for monitoring together

An integration solution may contain artifacts from different BizTalk applications and depend on certain host instances. You can group them altogether to make more meaningful monitoring.

Rich monitoring dashboards

View the health of your integration with a rich monitoring dashboard(s). The hierarchically structure and color coded dashboards highlight the health of your integration solutions visually.


User management

Provide granular access to users. You can allow users to either manage all BizTalk environments or provide access to specific environments (like non-production) for configuring and managing monitoring.

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