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Multi Environment

Designed to monitor multiple BizTalk environments from the ground up

Monitor multiple environments/customers from one dashboard in spite of their geographical presence.

Holistic view of your environment at one glance. Stay on your toes with the colour coded pie charts for the alarm health.

Configure monitoring for your BizTalk environment.

Find every user in your account, upgrade and track your payments, and change your account information from here.

Get to know your current subscription plan and the number of artifacts that are mapped in your account.

Monitor multiple environments from a single place

Monitor all your BizTalk environments like production, staging, UAT, etc from a single place. Our consolidated dashboard gives you a clear visibility into the health of all your BizTalk environments in a single pane.

Monitor both your on-prem and cloud BizTalk environments from a single place

In spite of your BizTalk environment location, whether it’s running on-prem or in the cloud, you can monitor them from a single place using BizTalk360 Cloud.


Monitor Multiple BizTalk Versions from single place

It’s very common for an organization to have multiple versions of BizTalk environments running live in production. For example, BizTalk Server 2010, 2013 R2, 2016 etc. BizTalk360 Cloud allows you to monitor all of them from a single place.


Monitor multiple customer environments from a single place

If you are a consulting firm working with multiple customers, you can easily monitor all your customers’ BizTalk environments from a single place. They may be located anywhere in the world.

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